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City of Greater Bendigo – content redesign and rewrite

By Melissa

Now we know just the extent of local government services. Bins and dog tags are just the start of it! We spent a lot of 2016 working on content for the new City of Greater Bendigo website. This project was a comprehensive update of their website, and included new design, technology, IA and content.

As project content partner Happy Content wrote a few thousand pages, thought about micro copy and menu labels, and sorted through the many topics therein to come up with a content IA below the primary nav.

The City had decided that each manager would be responsible for keeping any information up-to-date about their function (street trees, parking, swimming pools). To help keep the new content in good shape and meeting accessibility goals, we wrote a comprehensive (and hopefully accessible) content and language style guide for those content authors and then ran some training sessions to walk them into it.

A few thousand pages later and a lot of liaising with the city’ online comms officer and we had a site that was in pretty good shape, agreeable to the various content owners and edging its way towards Level AA compliance. Nice work, team!