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Getting healthy

By Melissa

How do you plan to realise your new year’s goal of getting fitter and healthier in 2016?

If you decided an app was what you needed to get going, you may have found the choice a bit overwhelming. Look under Health & Fitness in any app store and there are thousands of apps that make all sorts of promises.

Lucky for you, the folk at VicHealth selected 211 health and fitness apps that they rated and reviewed. And they asked us to write a useful description of each to help users to make an informed choice. You can browse the Healthy Apps selected.

We worked with VicHealth on a second project in 2015 - this time to rethink and rewrite the Be Healthy section of the VicHealth website.

We created content for 10 strategies for a healthier life, including:

  • eating well
  • moving more
  • drinking less (alcohol)
  • giving up smoking
  • sleeping enough
  • reducing stress
  • being active at work
  • enjoying better mental health
  • rejecting violence against women and race discrimination
  • encouraging community and connection through the arts.

We learnt a lot about leading a healthier life in Victoria, and maybe we contributed in our small way to you realising a new year’s resolution. So here’s to your health in 2016!