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MCA content redesign

By Melissa

Way back in 1997 I worked at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (in Sydney) as a gallery attendant. So I was excited to walk in 20 years later as a content professional to help the MCA of 2017 to set its course to useful, usable and accessible website content.

We audited the website to figure out the what, where, how much and quality of existing content. During lots of visits to the MCA in its charming Maritime Services Building home overlooking Sydney’s stunning Circular Quay, we conducted chats and consultations with MCA staff who were candid in their answers about what they do, how they do it, what they know about their audiences and more. As we were involved from the ‘get go’ we were able to advocate for all things content in sessions about UX, design and technology.

And so now in early 2018 we congratulate the team on the shiny new MCA website for its bold new visuals. On your first visit you will hesitate to read a Welcome to country message. Content is managed in a CMS that is powerful and easy to use. Authors can refer to our comprehensive content guidelines as they write. There’s a fabulous new web editor sitting in the MCA digital team dreaming up new ideas and stories and overseeing content quality. And the breadth and expertise of the MCA is truly on show to a global audience – more stories, more voices, more artworks in the collection, more interesting ideas shared.

Project team: